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Work, Stress and Women Heart Health- All you need to know


Are you a working woman, juggling home and office together? Are you one of those women who love to ace their game being work front or personal life? If yes, then just hold on and give some attention to what we are about to share.

We have come a long way from the thinking that women need to be dedicated to household work, the times have changed and women have proved that they can very well balance both their duties of taking care of their work as well as making sure they make time for their family. Although, it is good to know this still there is something that women tend to forget when it comes to their health and paying attention to oneself. Studies suggest even after having a supporting spouse, women tend to be overworked.

All this stress can pile up and lead to many health problems ranging from fatigue and lethargy to serious issues related to heart health. Large-Scale research conducted by Women Health Study concluded that women who tend to work in stress full work culture are at 40% higher chances of having diseased related to heart, heart attacks, and strokes.


Heart Disease kills six times more women worldwide than any other disease


Stress and heart diseases are quite closely interlinked. Continuous stress with lack of control and monitoring can lead to a cascade of imbalances in the body both chemical as well as hormonal. These imbalances, in turn, affect the normal functioning of the heart with conditions like altered heart rate, injury to blood vessels, high blood pressure, etc. Chronic stress can deprive the body of the healthy functioning of the system and in the long run be the reason for heart attacks, strokes, and many life-threatening conditions.


Is only stress to blame

While stress and being overworked is a major reason that should not be ignored, many contributing factors need to be paid attention while concluding the reason. An unhealthy lifestyle and lack of regular monitoring are also to blame when it comes to women’s heart health.

  1. Lack of exercise- The need for being active is important in daily life and even more important when you are spending more than half of the day sitting on a chair glued to the workstations. A minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week can bring about the much-needed change in the heart health status of any person.
  2. Diet- Skipping meals or having meals in odd hours is a regular practice for working women. Eating unhealthily or having lots of take-away meals in a week also affects heart health and can lead to issues like high cholesterol, too much salt intake and lack of nutrients in the body. Managing to have a proper meal most of the time should be a priority to set things straight and keep harmony with heart health.
  3. Sleep– While having too much work on the plate and having only 24 hours in a day may sometime lead to having a trade between the hours of sleep to accommodate the work. A practice, when done occasionally, can be taken care of, but not sleeping properly is additional stress to the body as it deprives the body of necessary repair and rejuvenation process and in turn, hinder the body to perform better the next day.

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